Rules & Info

Some Useful Info and Rules

Canoeing South Africa Rules apply.

Clean Water Challenge – Liebensbergsvlei 2022 is a K1 year.

All competitors must report to the Batch Camps at the respective start locations at least 30 minutes before their allocated Batch starting time and before taking to the water.

Important pre-race briefing to be conducted for “A” Batch prior to the Start.

Wristbands received at registration are to be worn for the duration of the 2-day event. You will not be allowed to paddle if you do not have your wristband ON YOUR WRIST. The wristband guarantees your participation in the race and access to the post-race meals on both Saturday & Sunday. Meals will not be provided unless you are wearing your wrist band.

Batch starts on both Day 1 & Day 2, beginning with K1’s, followed by K2’s & K3’s.

All late entries will be un-seeded and placed in the last batches.

CSA approved life jackets are compulsory on both days. These will be checked and if incorrect, paddlers will be prohibited from taking part. 10 litres of buoyancy (in the front AND at the back) is compulsory and will be checked. Beach balls and bottles are ONLY permissible if secured to the boat.

Valid CSA registration numbers must be placed on both side of the front deck of the boat. Any other decals must be placed on the rear deck or on the sides behind the front point of the cockpit.

Batch stickers to be placed on the right deck for Day 1 and Day 2.

During the race, paddles may be exchanged but NO boats are allowed to be replaced.

No outside assistance of any kind is permitted, except in an emergency.